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26 Gemstones With Health Benefits

Gemstones have been used for healing and promoting health for thousands of years. Ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks used gemstones in healing and spiritual rituals. In recent years, gemstone therapy has seen a resurgence in popularity as people continue to explore natural and alternative forms of healing.

Because gemstones have the ability to balance the body’s energies, people use them to help with physical, mental, and emotional issues. They are healing stones that can help with many ailments, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments like headaches and muscle pain. Gemstones are also believed to possess spiritual and metaphysical properties that can help with spiritual growth and healing.

To use gemstones for health, you can place the gemstone on the area of your body where you want to promote healing, wear a piece of jewelry made with a specific gemstone (the gem doesn’t need to come into direct contact with your skin), or simply carry it in your pocket.

Below are 26 popular gemstones (in alphabetical order) used to support good health and the benefits they provide.

1. Agate protects from stress and energy drains, and has a cleansing and stabilizing effect on the body.

2. Amazonite is beneficial to the nervous system. Its powerful filtering action protects against electromagnetic pollution from microwaves, computers and cell phones.

3. Amethyst works as a natural tranquillizer, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosts the immune system. It works well for easing aches and pains of all kinds, especially headaches and migraines, relieves insomnia, and grants support to those trying to break addictions from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and caffeine.

4. Aquamarine is good for digestive, eye and teeth-related issues, and helps to relieve allergies. This is a very protective stone during pregnancy as it supports the health of the mother and baby and reduces the risk of a miscarriage.

5. Aventurine is considered an all purpose healing stone, keeping your system healthy and helps to speed up recovery. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and generally supports your whole system, with an emphasis on the heart and the blood.

6. Black Tourmaline works as a shield against EMF’s. Not only will it keep you clear of EMF fallout but it also encourages the body to shake off any harmful imprints. From boosting immunity and circulation to cutting down on aches and pains and even improving the respiratory system, Black Tourmaline is an excellent health tonic.

7. Bloodstone helps to improve circulation and provide support to blood-related issues.

8. Citrine balances mood swings and can keep your organs cleansed. It can help improve digestive problems, insomnia and similar sleep related issues, as well as help you manage pain and inflammation.

9. Emerald can help with illnesses affecting the heart, spine, lungs or muscular system. Emeralds can also lessen complications from diabetes, lift depression, help cure insomnia, and enhance the immune system generally.

10. Garnet is the “stone of health” because it helps to dissolve emotional blockages in the body. It boosts your immune system, giving you energy, and increasing your overall feelings of wellness. Garnet can be used to reset your system and make sure that your body is well equipped to deal with any potential health issues.

11. Honey Jade strengthens the nerves and helps to overcomes fatigue.

12. Howlite calms and soothes the emotions, reduces stress, anxiety and tension, and can help slow an overactive mind to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

13. Jade is associated with improving strength and helping with regeneration and healing. It helps to improve symptoms related to chronic illnesses, as well as reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

14. Jasper is a nurturing stone and is great for balancing physical energies, and easing emotional stresses.

15. Lapis Lazuli boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and can calm areas of inflammation. It also aids in rapid stress release.

16. Leopardskin Jasper fortifies natural resistance, helps to maintain health, and will strengthen and fine-tune your body’s overall regulatory mechanism.

17. Malachite promotes harmony and improves communication throughout your physical body. It alerts your body to its own dis-harmonies so your own healing forces can be activated and balance can be restored.

18. Moonstone eases PMS and supports fertility or hormonal changes. It also helps with insomnia, anxiety, and depression, improves circulation, and helps reduce inflammation in the joints.

19. Pearls are said to help aid sleep by restoring the balance and natural rhythm of your body which reduces stress.

20. Picture Jasper stimulates the immune system to help clear pollutants and toxins from the body.

21. Quartz is the “master healer” of gemstones. It can be found in all shades and colors but Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals. It is able to work on any condition by drawing off all kinds of negative energy, including pollutants, which affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. It cleanses the immune system, purifies organs, and removes toxins that weaken your health. Clear quartz brings your entire body into balance and harmony.

22. Rose Quartz is the gemstone of ‘unconditional love” and is used to support a healthy heart and circulation by getting rid of impurities. This reduces blood pressure and even helps with the healing process.

23. Smoky Quartz is great stone for keeping you stable and reducing the physical impact of stress and burnout, even when facing challenging times. It also protects from electromagnetic smog.

24. Tigers Eye can boost your metabolism,

25. Tourmaline is associated with improving your blood circulation by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain.

26. Turquoise is a master healing stone that helps to strengthen the entire body.

Although there are many more gemstones, the above are considered the most popular and easily accessible. Make sure to purchase your gemstones only at reputable shops in order to get the best quality possible for your collection!

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