Tips for Successful Manifestation
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24 Tips for Successful Manifestation

“Turning thoughts to things is why you are here. You are genius creators who have come into an environment where you want to play it all the way out. That’s why you have a physical body. That’s why you translate through your nose, and through your fingertips, and through your tongue, and through your eyes, and through your ears. This leading edge manifestation is as big and as good as it gets. But you’ve got to be, for a little while, deliberately and consciously non-physically oriented in order to get the most out of the physical orientation that is the big reward at the end.” – Abraham-Hicks

Here is a list of the best manifesting tips I know to help you with successful manifestation. These have worked for me, and with practice, they will work for you too.

1. Continually strengthen your connection to your Inner Being and Source Energy – the source of all your abundance and everything you desire. This is the most important step and brings the greatest shifts.

2. Release doubt. Don’ let yourself engage in negative thinking as this postpones your manifestations.

3. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time you feel a negative thought coming on, shift it to a thought that feels better.

4. Be patient and know that what you want is on its way. The manifestation process includes a gestation period and your desires will eventually appear into your reality when you relax and allow the Universe to do its job.

5. Focus on what you do have and not what you are lacking. Energy follows thought. Whatever you focus on increases.

6. Express Appreciation. Giving thanks for all you have makes you magnetic to more.

7. Listen to the voice within (your Inner Being) who is always showing you the way. Be open and receptive to new ideas.

8. Be selective of what you expose yourself to. Your thoughts may be stimulated from something you read or watch on television or hear or observe from someone else’s experience.

9. Stay positive. Avoid the naysayers and surround yourself with people who support and uplift you. Don’t allow the downers to drag you into their misery.

10. Take inspired action. You will know when to move forward because it will feel good and feel like the next logical step.

11. Focus on activities that make you feel truly happy. When you are happy you have the best vibrational frequency to manifest your desires.

12. Allow yourself to daydream and picture the life you want. Your imagination is your manifesting power.

13. Be happy. When your vibration is high, you are in alignment with Source and everything you want. Follow your path of joy.

14. Let go of the outcome. Set your intentions and focus on them when it feels good to do so. Then let it go and trust the Universe to deliver.

15. Find a way to believe. Your beliefs influence how your life unfolds. Cultivate beliefs that support you.

16. Pay attention to your emotions. Rather than trying to monitor all of your thoughts, pay attention to how you are feeling instead. Find ways to shift better feelings and better-feeling thoughts will follow.

17. Use processes that resonate with you, whether it be meditation, scripting, visualization, or something else you like to do, to help strengthen your manifesting muscles.

18. You can speed the creation of something simply by giving it more positive attention.

19. Take your attention off “what is.” For things to change you must disregard how things are and give more attention to the way you prefer things to be. You are not escaping reality this way, you are creating it.

20. Every day, spend 10 to 15 minutes focusing your attention on your desire in a positive way. Use this time to think, daydream, and visualize. Focus your energy and imagine your future as you want it to be, with as much positive emotion as you can possible muster.

21. Focus only on what you want and why you want it. Let go of the how, who or when.

22. Maintain a vibration of expectancy. If you can maintain a joyful vibration of expectancy it has to come to you. It is Law.

23. Trust and believe in yourself and the Universe. You have everything you need within you to succeed. Let yourself and not others be the authority of what is right for you and what is possible.

24. Practice, practice, practice! Being a successful conscious creator who gets consistent results takes practice.


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