2027 Human Design Mutation and Global Shift
Human Design

2027 Human Design Mutation and Global Shift

We are on the cusp of a shift in our global cycle. For the past 400 years we have been living in the “Cross of Planning” tribal energy where social connection, being helpful in society and bringing value to other humans ensured our survival. In 2027 our global cycle will be shifting into the energy of the “Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix”.

What does this mean? It means life as we know it is changing. The “Cross of Planning” is coming to a close and we are moving into an individual energy where each person must learn to rely on Spirit and their own inner guidance. The more awakened you are (connected with Spirit and living your Human Design), the more you will thrive in 2027 (and beyond).

To learn more about the 2027 mutation and the global shift, watch the video and click on the additional resource links below.

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