16 Essential Ingredients to Master the Law of Attraction
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16 Essential Ingredients to Master the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” It is universal and ultra-powerful. It is like a magnet that is always at work. You can leverage this power and make it work in your favor. Here are 16 essential ingredients to master the Law of Attraction:

1. Let Your Passion Be Your Guide

If you could have anything you want and no possible way yo fail, what would it be? What do you want most for yourself? What experiences do you want to have? What do you want to accomplish? See yourself one, two or three years from today. Following your passion, your joy, your excitement will get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

2. What You Think and What You Feel Are Always a Match

When you start thinking about the life you really want, what thoughts come up for you? What doubts are creeping in? Many of us tend to put up roadblocks to our dreams – usually without even being aware we’re doing it. Limiting thoughts and beliefs such as “I’m scared,” “I don’t know how,” “Who am I to think I can have everything I want in life?” hold us back from having what we want.

Whether wanted or unwanted, you will get more of whatever you focus on because what you think and feel are always a match to what you get.

3. Release the “How” So Your Dream Can Unfold

When your goal or dream feels impossible you may think “How am I going to make this happen?” and “How can I possibly do this?” You may find yourself wanting to make the dream smaller so you can figure out how. Or you may want to drop it completely since you can’t see how it can happen.

Fun fact – it’s not your job to figure out the how. Never mind “how” your dream will unfold. Instead, focus on the what, where, when, and who. It’s your job to hold the vision, the dream, the desires, and get as specific as you can about what it looks like. Let the Universe take care of the how. That’s its job and the Universe is the expert at bringing thoughts and desires into reality.

4. You’re Never Stuck!

Is there an area in your life where you feel stuck? Do you feel helpless and can’t see your way out of the mess? It definitely sucks to feel stuck. We’ve all “been there, done that,” and don’t ever want to go back.

Here’s a little secret: You’re never stuck. It is your perception of the issue that has you feeling like you’re running in place. No matter where you are in any given moment, you can turn things around. It is always possible to change the situation. The moment you realize that can be a turning point for you. You don’t have to figure out in that moment exactly how you will climb out of the hole. You simply have to be open to the change and set an intention to move forward. When you’re open and willing, the Universe can work its magic.

5. Breakthroughs Don’t Have to Be Hard

A simple shift in perception and being able to have a different spin on how you see yourself or a situation can open possibilities you may not have seen otherwise. Ask yourself, How can I turn this around and make it fun? Positive changes can be made in your life without the negative drama that often comes with worry and frustration. You simply need to be willing to have the desire to shift your perception.

If you think something is hard, you will create evidence to support your belief that it’s hard. The same applies to something you believe is easy. You will summon the proof that it is easy!

When you are open to shifting your perception, experiences that create defining moments will open up, changing your thoughts and inspiring you to take different actions. Life defining moments remind you about how powerful, intelligent, resourceful, and loved you are. Your life defining moments give you strength to move forward.

6. Where You Are Now Is Perfect

It may be hard to believe but wherever you are on your journey is perfect. The things and people in your life that are presenting contrast to your desires are actually helping you to correct your course. They let you know that you’re moving away from what you want rather than attracting what you want in your life. If there were no such thing as contrast, there would never be new desires.

So, allow yourself to relax and embrace where you are. Simply surrender and accept it in this moment. Stop resisting, denying, or pushing against the problems in your life. Wrestling with life is exhausting so call a timeout. It’s possible to turn any situation around, but for the moment, simply be present. Gather your thoughts and get connected to the stream of well-being. It’s all part of the process of being human. Give yourself permission to be exactly where you are.

7. You Always Have a Choice

There is a big difference between wanting, desiring, hoping, and wishing for a desire versus choosing and claiming the dream. No matter what area in your life is challenging for you, only you can choose to make it different. You must choose to put yourself in the driver’s seat and consciously choose the outcome you desire.

Do not settle for anything less than what you really want. You are declaring your worthiness.

When you make a choice and decide a desire is possible and you’re ready to receive it, the Universe will assist you in having it unfold with ease.

8. Where Thought Goes, Energy Flows

How much time do you spend thinking or talking about positive things versus negative things? If you’re not mindful of your thoughts, negativity can seep into every aspect of life and take it over. If this is your experience, it may be time to revamp your thinking process.

Eliminating negative thoughts and negative focus in your life allows you to reclaim and remold your present, and your future. Make a clean sweep of your life and improve your outlook. Focus on the positive, change your scenery, change your friends, and be prepared to make whatever changes are necessary to move you a full 180 degrees. Remember, energy flows where thought goes. So keep it positive.

9. Letting Go to Let It Flow

How can you become an all-powerful magnet? Simply let go and allow it! Allow yourself to let go of any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have blocked your success. Allow yourself to believe that you can have the success you desire. Allow yourself to have the courage to pursue the avenues that will lead you to your financial success. Allow your self to magnetize the people and scenarios that will help your team assemble effortlessly. Allow your spirit to dance with the knowledge that you have the power to bring what you want to fruition.

You do have what it takes to become a magnet to your desires. You just have to believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and trust that the Universe will do its part once you’ve done yours.

10. Empower Yourself For Success

Your thoughts control the actions that create your successes or failures. If you focus on thoughts that create success, you’re on the path to self-empowerment. Or do you listen to your negative self-talk – your gremlin, or maybe you know him or her by another name? Your gremlin waits to shoot down your ideas, deflate your elation, and sabotage your plans – when you allow it to happen.

Silence the gremlin and replace it with your own personal cheerleader instead. Learning how to silence your gremlin is a tool that will be beneficial for life. Isn’t it time to empower yourself and position yourself to succeed at all you set out to accomplish? Let your answer be yes, and yes!

11. Listen To Your Inner Guidance

You always have access to the next inspired step on your journey. Your inner guidance will tell you what your next step is – unless you’re not hearing it over the gremlin’s dooming voice. If your head feels foggy about what to do next, simply ask. You can always ask your inner guidance for the answer. “What is it that I need to do to align with my desire?” Then listen – to whatever answer you hear – just listen. If no answer comes, relax. The answer may come later today.

If it’s your inner guidance answering, the dialogue will usually be short and sweet. Messages from your gremlin are often full of unnecessary details. Your gremlin likes to explain and justify at length. Ignore him/her and wait for cues from your inner guidance. The sooner you listen the quicker your joy

12. Take Inspired Action

When you are forcing yourself to take action before you are ready, it is difficult to tap into intuition and creativity. That is why it’s important to wait until inspiration hits.

Inspiration can hit both in good and bad times. When it’s good you may have an abundance of ideas. It can be overwhelming when the flood of ideas comes. When you’re in the middle of contrast, there will be plenty of paths to take, but you may not be able to decide which one to choose. Until you have full access to your inner guidance, the choices can be both irresistible and overpowering. What do you do?

Choose one inspired action. No matter which action you take first, it must feel good. Take the action that will give you the most relief. This choice will give you some immediate relief and breathing room. Your stress level will come down, and you will have greater access to your inner guidance. Inspired ideas and actions generate more inspired ideas and actions and is the key to having amazing experiences and manifesting joy on a daily basis.

13. Relax Awhile and Take a Break

Have you had a goal that seems to be taking forever? Sometimes you just need to give that goal a break. If you’re feeling discouraged and not feeling enthusiastic about the goal, give it a rest. Come back to it when it feels good again. It does not serve you to take action on something you are not excited about.

Let the answer find you when the time is right. You can’t force a solution or an idea, but you can create the space for it. Let the Universe take over for a while. You’ll know when to stop resting when it feels good to do so.

14. Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

If you want to be successful at mastering the law of attraction, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. This includes the level of your achievements, the results you produce, the quality of your relationships, the state of your health and physical fitness, your income, your debts, your feelings—everything!

When you decide to take 100 percent responsibility for your life, it means you no longer make excuses or play victim. It means you choose to let go of the Complain and Blame game. You acknowledge that everything that happens to you is of your doing, whether wanted or not. This is not easy but it empowers you to own your life completely and makes you the captain of your ship. This is part of becoming a master of the law of attraction.

15. Close Your Eyes and Dream

Your dreams can shape your reality if you take the time to give them life – by visualizing them. Play the “I Am” game. You can do, be and have what you want if you can picture yourself being it, living it, experiencing it. Just close your eyes, relax, and imagine that you are successful. You live in a beautiful home. You have harmonious relationships and vibrant health. You’re living a joyful, empowering and prosperous life. You are able to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Use all five of your senses.

Now take it a step further an write it down. Create your Dream Scene. Think of a specific situation, circumstance, dream, or desire and write out the scene or story. Describe the way you want it to unfold. You are the star of your Dream Scene. Write as if you can see, taste, touch, smell, and feel your desired result. The more detailed you can make it and feel good about it, the better. The key is that it must feel good.

Let your dreams be the guide to your future and the road to your success. Just close your eyes and dream.

16. Create a Life You Love

Make a point of letting go of anything and everything that’s holding you back from living your best life, take a leap and create a new reality for yourself. Although things rarely occur simultaneously, if you focus on one thing at a time, you can create an entirely new life for yourself – a life you love!

Start today! Take that one small step to move you in the direction of a life you truly love – the one custom designed by you.

When you implement and practice these 16 ingredients, you will become a master of the Law of Attraction – and your life!

*I wish to express my appreciation to the authors of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, for the inspiration for this post. To learn more about how to master the Law of Attraction, read this book!

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