Affirmations for Your Spiritual Life
Affirmations,  Your Spiritual Life

100 Affirmations for Your Spiritual Life

“Spiritual growth is the process of becoming your higher self.” – Orin – Sanaya Roman

Spiritual growth is an ongoing process and is different for each person, but the ultimate goal is spiritual maturity. When you are growing spiritually, you are consciously connecting with a higher power (God, Source, etc) and using that connection to accelerate your growth and to create your very best life.

The following affirmations will help you to focus your attention on claiming your right to experience a fulfilling and empowering spiritual life.

Choose one or two affirmations that resonates with you and repeat them throughout the day. You can choose a different affirmation each day, or repeat the same affirmation over a period of weeks.

To give your affirmation(s) an additional boost, write them down as you say them or “tap them in” with a round of EFT tapping.

1. I am with God/Source/Spirit and God is with me always.
2. All my thoughts, words and actions are divinely guided.
3. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
4. The Universe naturally and freely provides for all my needs.
5. I am in complete alignment with the Universe and always in the flow.
6. I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.
7. I am a divine expression of Source Energy.
8. I choose to let go of fear and live in love.
9. I am a loving, kind and forgiving person, in accordance with my spiritual nature.
10. The love of God flows through me.
11. I radiate love, joy and openness toward all beings.
12. Negativity cannot touch the radiant essence of who I really am.
13. I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.
14. I am a Divine creation, an extension of Source Energy, therefore, I cannot be undeserving.
15. My strength comes from my connection to my Source of being.
16. I live in the moment and am thankful for all my life experiences.
17. I allow God to express through me perfect love, peace, and wisdom.
18. I am an extension of Source Energy and the power of Spirit is flowing through all the cells of my body.
19. The Divine Spirit fills me within and without.
20. God is within and around me, always protecting me.
21. The whole Universe is conspiring for my good.
22. I open the doors to my good and claim my divine inheritance.
23. As I abide in love for all of creation, all of creation abides in love for me.
24. Infinite love flows through me, in me, as me.
25. I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of God.
26. Spirit is now guiding my steps and all is unfolding for my highest good.
27. I am divinely guided and inspired in all I think, say and do.
28. I am a perfect open channel for divine love, peace, joy and inspiration.
29. Everywhere I go, everything I see, and everything I experience provides proof that I am supported and sustained by a loving Universe.
30. Source within me is mighty, powerful and unstoppable.
31. I am embraced, cherished, valued and nurtured by God.
32. The spirit of God within knows the perfect “how” to every need and desire. Therefore, all my needs are met.
33. God is the living spirit of me and I am whole, complete and perfect in every way.
34. I put my life in the hands of Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom.
35. I am a magnet for the unlimited good of God and I attract it effortlessly and easily.
36. God is my unfailing supply.
37. God is good, life is wonderful and I am so richly blessed.
38. In every matter I am guided by divine intelligence.
39. I am a radiating center of spiritual peace and confident living.
40. Centered in peace, I broadcast peace on earth and goodwill to all.
41. Knowing God is my source, I count my blessings and spread joy.
42. I acknowledge God in all creation.
43. I love God and God loves me.
44. I surrender my life to divine will.
45. I feel the deep peace of God.
46. I ask God’s angels to surround me with light.
47. I allow God to work through me.
48. I am open to and receive God’s guidance.
49. God lives in me and through me.
50. I am worthy and open to receive blessings.
51. My life is a blessing to others.
52. My days are filled with blessings.
53. I trust my life is divinely guided.
54. I trust the outcomes in my life are for the best.
55. I trust that all that I need comes to me when needed.
56. I feel safe trusting Divine guidance in my life.
57. I trust I am exactly where I am supposed to be now.
58. I am in harmony with divine guidance.
59. I trust that everything works for the highest good.
60. The love in my heart expands and grows daily.
61. I am an expression of divine love.
62. I love the divine spirit within me.
63. My life is perfectly synchronized. I am in tune with Source and with the world around me.
64. I take appropriate inspired action where I can, and surrender what I cannot control to the non-physical aspects of my Self.
65. I am open and receptive to insights from my Higher Self.
66. I am Source Energy in manifested form.
67. I am in tune with the infinite wellspring of wisdom, grace and peace that resides within me.
68. I am always connected with the wise, loving part of myself.
69. I know that God loves me unconditionally and always has my best interest in mind.
70. I am effortlessly tuning into my highest truth.
71. My thoughts are calm and my spirit is ready to connect with the infinite wisdom.
72. My connection to God is growing stronger every day.
73. I am guided by the Universe and part of a bigger plan.
74. I am aligned with my higher purpose.
75. I am the expression of a loving God.
76. Connection with my inner spirit brings me constant peace and joy.
77. Within the center of my being lies the infinite wisdom of the Universe.
78. Divine order is now at work in my world.
79. Every day I am becoming a more enlightened being.
80. Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more empowered.
81. I accept that the Universal Force is unlimited; therefore I am unlimited.
82. I am a beautiful being of light.
83. I am a part of all things, eternal and infinite.
84. I am a radiant being filled with light and love.
85. I am as limitless as the Universe.
86. I am in tune with the perfect vibration of the Universe.
87. I am one with the power of the Universe.
88. I am open to the blessings and gifts that the Universe waits to provide.
89. I am successful in all endeavors when guided by the Universal Force.
90. I am surrounded and supported by a limitless Universe.
91. I am the Universe experiencing itself.
92. I completely trust that God will provide for all my needs.
93. I easily stay connected to my divine being.
94. I feel an empowering connection to the infinite power of the Universe.
95. I have divine power within me that creates miracles in my life.
96. I nurture my spirit by surrounding myself with beauty and joy.
97. I purify my mind with the thought that God is guiding my every activity.
98. I am divinely guided with each step I take.
99. I am getting better every day at hearing and understanding my inner guidance.
100. I am thankful for the divine power that guides me.